Can I have my work customised to my needs?

Each project is unique because it is related to your business or club, industry and individual requirements; therefore, projects are customised to fit your needs and wants.

Why are there so many quote options?

We have online quote forms for each service that we offer to gather the required information for the related project and to provide you with an accurate quote.

How do you charge for your services?

Our fees are either an hourly rate or a price for the entire project depending on the individual project, what it entails, and the duration of the project. Payment is due on completion of the project except when the project is ongoing (such as our Newsletter Services, which is invoiced monthly) or when the project takes longer than a month.

Is the quote accurate?

Our firm quotes are based on the provided information and invoices will match firm quotes. However, if the project differs from the provided information or the project changes or the means to complete the project changes then a new quote will be issued taking the changes into consideration. Some changes may not affect the original quote. It’s best to contact us immediately if something has changed since the original quote was provided, so we can discuss what the changes entail.

What services do you offer?

Under our Business Support Services, we provide a complete newsletter package, virtual assistance, editing and proofreading.

Under our Technical Services, we provide creating or updating manuals, procedures, reports, and complex documents. We can use XML to duplicate the information in multiple formats.

Under our Business Writing Services, we provide creating or updating website content, creating commemorative books and other promotional information and catalogues.

Can I send my job to you now?

You are welcome to send your material/details to us to obtain a quote. You can also send your material/details to us earlier than when the job is scheduled to start. When a quote has been accepted or work has agreed to be carried out, the project has to be booked in. If a job is urgent, let us know and the required deadline and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate this deadline.

Why can’t I just leave it up to my computer’s spell checker or edit it myself instead of using your editing and proofreading services?

Software created to check spelling and grammar have limitations, such as the confines of the program’s rules, language barriers, incorrect words used but are spelt correctly, and so on. Software will not replace a thinking brain or a person with specific skills in this area.

Editing or proofreading your own work is difficult because the brain can mislead the eyes, especially when you have written and reworked the text. You can lose your objectivity.

Is my privacy protected?

Personal details are handled confidentially. We don’t store any of your details on this website. Your name, contact details and project details are kept for our business purposes only.

We prefer payment through PayPal or direct deposit to ensure your privacy and to avoid obtaining financial details. In the case when financial details are provided, these are disposed off in a secure way.

We don’t condone buying or selling mailing lists; therefore, your details will not be sold or given to a third party.

No document pertaining to a customer will be shared in any form with any outside source without written permission.

How accurate are your estimated deadlines?

We book each project in, taking in consideration the work required and the time required to complete the job. We work on your project during this period. However, if a project is to be sent to us in instalments and one or more of those instalments fail to reach us on time then this would alter the booking time. The same applies if a project in its entirety is expected on a particular date and it doesn’t reach us until a later date.

What happens while my project is being worked on?

We are in constant communication via emailĀ  (or via phone if that is the preferred option) throughout a project’s progress to ensure customer satisfaction. Any question, specification or concern that may arise while working on the project is checked with the customer. We may offer our experienced opinion, but all decisions are the customer’s responsibility. Please be aware that having a project edited or professionally worked on doesn’t guarantee sales or an increase in sales.

Who owns the copyright?

All work created by Broad Editing and Services is the property of Broad Editing and Services until payment has been received. It is a breach of the copyright act to use all or any part of the work provided by Broad Editing and Services where payment has not been paid in full. Please contact us via email for more information.