Submitting work to us is easy — just follow these steps:

  1. Contact us for a quote on the required job.
  2. Book your job in and obtain an estimated completion date.
  3. Send us the required material, such as notes, images, or notes, to perform the job (see below for options on how to send material to us).

Options for sending material to Broad Editing and Services

Contact us via email or complete the online quote request. Send your material as an attachment. PDF and Word are acceptable. Please contact us for any other file formats.

We will send you a link to upload large files that cannot be sent through standard email.

Standard Mail:
Broad Editing and Services, PO Box 4394, Langwarrin VIC 3910, Australia.

Contact us and we will arrange a courier on your behalf.

Submitting Guidelines

Your original material will be returned to you when the project has been completed. Please advise if material is not to be returned.

Completed work can be:

  • sent as an electronic file via email
  • stored on a CD or USB flash drive and sent via standard mail or courier
  • provided as printed documents and sent via standard mail or courier.

Please indicate how you want your completed work delivered when obtaining a quote.

The following information is needed to accurately book jobs in:

  • customer’s name, address, and contact details (including telephone numbers and email address)
  • quote number (if a quote has been accepted; otherwise, please state that no quote is required)
  • total word count (for editing jobs only, or written material with a word restriction)
  • the type of service required
  • description of submitted work
  • how work is to be returned (such as stored on USB flash drive and delivered via standard mail)
  • payment method (such as PayPal)
  • any additional information that you think will be beneficial.

This information will help us to identify your quote in our system and understand your requirements

* No service can begin until payment has been received.


We accept payments via PayPal, money orders and cheques made out to Broad Editing and Services, or contact us for direct deposit details.