Businesses should employ policies and procedures because they outline the way that they wish to carry out tasks, conduct business and create a unity with employees. It’s important for customers to experience that unity and to receive the same information/procedures from all employees. Conflicting information is a sign that policies and procedures are either not in place or training is required. Conflicting information causes a business to look unprofessional. Employees need to know the company’s polices and procedures in order to competently carry out their tasks.


Policies state how a business, actions or services are to be conducted. Policies are usually delivered in simple and clear language, and are usually one or a few sentences.


Procedures need to be in place to successfully achieve the policies. Procedures detail the correct way that a task or situation is to be carried out in accordance with the company’s policies. This might be to avoid errors and following the correct procedure will eliminate or reduce errors and ultimately costs.

WHS policies are established to protect employees, following the WHS procedures enables staff to conduct their work in a healthy and safe environment.

When a change occurs in a business or the environment, which might be because of current trends or future developments, the procedures need to be updated and reflect the new alterations. Procedures should be reviewed regularly to ensure they are kept current.

It’s important to produce quality written procedures so your staff can conduct themselves according to the policies and procedures that you installed. From provided information (notes, interviews and established requirements), we produce a draft, which is discussed to make sure the procedures encompass all aspects and fit the necessary policy. The polished document is then presented.

Once the final document has been established, it can be updated to reflect any required alterations. Modifying the procedures entails analysing the best way to carry out the task, situation or event. Remember that a change has a domino effect and all areas must be considered to keep the procedures functioning well.