A document has a purpose: to sell, to promote, or to offer information. The document must be error free to be received well by its intended audience. Annoying distractions, such as misspelt words and incorrect punctuation, can interrupt the flow causing the reader to lose interest. If the reader is a potential customer then you could lose sales as well as respectability.

Website content is also important information that must be delivered error free. If a website has errors then it jeopardies sales and creditability for the business.

Quite often people can hear something is wrong with a sentence when it is read. This is a sign that one or more rules of grammar have been broken. There are grammar errors that are better at hiding than others and may not be detected when reading. Fixing those problems without a comprehensive knowledge of grammar can be a challenge and waste valuable time. However, someone with the correct training can see these errors quickly and fix accordingly.

BES can help to ensure your message is not lost through spelling errors and poor grammar.