How Can a Professional Writer Help My Business?

All businesses struggle with the demand of producing the necessary documentation for customers and in-house needs.

Perhaps you are the proud owner of a micro business. You may be covering all jobs on your own, or you have up to five employees or freelancers assisting you. The demands fall heavy on your shoulders as you compete with the bigger companies.

Perhaps you run a small business and possibly employ up to 15 employees. You may have more people than your micro competitors, but is everything document-based being handled in a timely manner and produced well?

Larger companies may be experiencing their own share of problems with an influx of work, staff away on paid or sick leave, or restructuring has left too much work to be completed by fewer employees.

All businesses face their own set of problems. It could be anything from insufficient amount of staff to people struggling with proper usage of grammar and punctuation. You have a mound of work that customers are demanding and the clock seems to take on an evil pleasure as it ticks away the time.

A professional writer has the training and experience to churn through those massive piles of documents without even breaking into a sweat. Think about all those e-marketing opportunities that your company could be missing out on, all those potential sales opportunities, simply because there isn’t enough skilled employees to produce blogs, website content, and marketing information.

If the writer can also take on the uploading of files and the maintenance associated to social networking and other e-marketing strategies, then a large proportion of necessary tasks are being carried out professionally. This allows you and your employees to concentrate on billable work. Every minute that you are not making money is a minute that is costing money. It actually works out cheaper to hire someone to take on these duties than to pay an employee a wage and all the associated entitlements.

So next time you’re staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to write your next blog, think about how a writer could handle this task for you and produce a polished document in less time.

No part of this may be represented in any medium without written consent from the author. Mary Broadhurst c 2014