Businesses often have tasks that are required, but may not have the staff to carry out those tasks or existing employees are already overloaded with work and will struggle to complete the additional project in the required time.  Outsourcing to a skilled professional, which is more commonly known now as a virtual assistant, is the perfect solution.

It’s more cost effective to hire a virtual assistant (either temporarily or for ongoing work) than it is to employ a person because there are no wages, holiday pay, superannuation entitlements, sick leave or lunch and other breaks to be paid. A virtual assistant charges an hourly fee or a fee for the completion of the entire project.

We provide the following business support services:

Virtual Assistant Services

We are ready and waiting to assist you with your individual projects.

Data Entry
Fast and accurate typing of numeric and alpha data into spreadsheets or another nominated file.

Typing of all business documentation, such as letters, emails, etc.

Spreadsheets and Graphs
Data is entered into spreadsheets to provide information and graphs, which is used for analysing. Spreadsheet templates with formulas can be created for your business.

Writing General Documents
Business documents (such as letters, newsletters, and media releases, etc.) are written from notes, previously printed material, online sources or discussions, and can be carried out from a single copy or multiple sources.

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Email Newsletters

We take care of the whole package when it comes to your newsletters. We don’t just write your content, we also arrange the design, organise the set-up and publish your newsletters. We can deliver printed copies to your office for your visitors, trade shows and other promotions. We cater to businesses, clubs and other organisations. It’s a marketing strategy that engages with your customers. Read More 

Website Content

We provide quality content for your website to engage your visitors and entice them to delve deeper into your website. Your content is a marketing tool, but it is often the first point of contact for those searching for your services or products, so it has to be appealing and offer informed information.  Read More 

Commemorative Books

Produce your own commemorative book to inform staff and customers of your business’ journey. Show the struggles and triumphs of your club or a particular person. Every journey is unique.

We can produce your industry magazines and product/services catalogues. Read More   

Technical Writing Services

There are a number of complex documents required in every business, club or organisation, such as: manuals, standard task-orientated procedures, policies and procedures (some times called scope procedures or documents) for health and safety or other legal requirements, and reports. We specialise in multi-layered projects where relevant information from multiple sources are amalgamated to present a user-friendly document that is also easily read and understood. The level of complexity depends on the individual requirements, the intended audience and the purpose of the information.

If the same information is required in multiple formats, we can produce the information using XML.

Editing and Proofreading

Ensure all your documents represent a professional image through our editing and proofreading service. The level of editing/proofreading depends on the individual’s work presented to us. Read More