Businesses often have tasks that are required, but do not have the staff to carry out those tasks. The perfect solution is to outsource to a skilled professional.

It is more cost effective to outsource than it is to employ a person. When a business outsources tasks, there are no wages, holiday pay, superannuation entitlements, and sick leave to be paid. Also employees some times experience downtime; however, the employer still has to pay for the employees’ time. Outsourcing to BES means the business pays for the time to accomplish the task only.

Data Entry and Typing

Data entry is fast, accurate typing of numeric and alpha data into spreadsheets or another nominated file. This can be carried out from a single copy or multiple sources.

Typing is for all your business documentation, such as letters, newsletters, etc. This can be carried out from a single provided copy or multiple sources.

Spreadsheets and Graphs

Data is entered into spreadsheets from a single copy or multiple sources to provide information and graphs, which is used for analysing. Spreadsheet templates with formulas can be created for your business.

Writing General Documents

General business documents, such as letters, newsletters, and media releases, etc., need to be written to inform the public. BES can write these documents from notes, previously printed material, online sources or discussions.

Administrative Duties

A business has many ad hoc duties, but finding someone to actually complete those tasks can be a job in itself. Ad hoc duties can be wide and varied depending on the business. If you are not sure if a specific task can be outsourced to BES, then contact us for helpful assistance.