Technical writing is a specialised field aimed to help your business with all its writing requirements. It covers a multitude of important issues every business faces, such as: assessing possible changes; evaluating risks; following correct procedures; suggesting recommendations; and operating guides for equipment, duties and situations.

Manuals provide training or knowledge on a specific task or subject matter. This includes training manuals, assembly manuals and instruction manuals. Read More

Procedures explain how to achieve a given goal, such as a policy. The policy or goal is specific, such as: in case of a life-threatening situation, all personnel and visitors of the building or the affected area (if it can be contained) should be evacuated. The procedure explains the method to be undertaken to achieve the policy. This includes all variables specific to possible situations, the industry, and legal requirements. These types of procedures are often referred to as scope procedures or scope documents and are used to govern how a company conducts business while maintaining the health and safety of personnel, visitors, the general public and the environment.

Standard task-orientated procedures include a step-by-step method how to carry out a particular task or situation. This could be, for instance, how to handle a payment transaction according to the type of payment and the company’s equipment and preferred method while maintaining any relevant legal requirements. Read More

Reports provide detailed information about a situation, a method, equipment, a department or business, and so forth. The report’s job is to consider all aspects, amalgamate all relevant information and stats, investigate and analyse to deliver the findings with recommendations. From this, changes can be implemented for improvement. Read More

XML technical writing means the information is created using XML software, which allows the same information to be produced in multiple formats. Read More

Complex documents are called complex because they contain a multitude of elements besides text. These elements may be images, graphs, tables, diagrams and flowcharts. There are usually levels of headings/subheadings or sections. It may have had multiple people adding to it, which can cause content issues. Read More