Business writing is a specialised field to help improve marketing and sales for your business. Not all material generates immediate sales, such as blogs; however, all documentation should be promoting your business in the best possible way and contributing to customers’ awareness. This reminds your customers that you are available when they are ready to purchase.

Website Content

Your website is your virtual shop on the internet. The content on your website is the never-sleeping sales representative that must be engaging and provide quality information. Make sure it’s working well for your business. Read More


The best marketing strategy is email newsletters. Producing a newsletter and emailing it to your customers isn’t a new concept, but it is still important and the best way to build rapport and generate sales. The current trend that works is that the content must focus on building relationships with your customers with engaging quality information. We provide a full services for your newsletters where we write or rework provided content, set up the email service, design and produce your newsletter. We then maintain your ongoing newsletters.

We can deliver printed copies to your office for your visitors, trade shows and other promotions. We cater to businesses, clubs and other organisations. Read More

Commemorative Books

Have you thought of producing your own commemorative book for your business? Because each journey is unique, Broad Editing and Services delivers an engaging tale based on facts, researched information, images, and interviews. Read More