Purpose of Newsletters

It’s important to activate multiple marketing strategies for your business. Incorporating newsletters (also known as e-newsletters, email newsletters, e-zines, articles, etc.) is the most direct way to reach and interact with your audience. Combining this marketing tool with social media marketing is a crucial element for your marketing strategies.

Newsletters provide insightful knowledge that shows you are an expert in your field while maintaining your company’s individualism, branding and personality.

Newsletters Are Still Relevant

Some people think social media is all they need, and while it’s an important marketing tool, the favourite form of delivering and receiving information for businesses and clients is through email. Incorporating email newsletters should be part of your business’s marketing strategy. Don’t forget that social media platforms often have outside influences competing for your audience’s attention, which makes it easy for them to become distracted and click away from your business – email newsletters don’t have this issue. They stay in touch with your customers and drive traffic to your website.

Everything evolves over time and the trend in newsletters has moved away from simply converting a prospect into a customer. It’s important not to use newsletters to simply push sales, otherwise you jeopardise annoying your customers and they will either delete the mail without opening it or they will unsubscribe.

Today’s focus is on converting a prospect into a customer and then continuously engage with that customer. It’s a case of first building a rapport and then maintaining that rapport through email marketing while providing informed information on new services, products and company updates. You can include details about sales or discounts, but quality content is the goal.

Because your newsletter is a marketing strategy and it’s representing your business, it needs to maintain your company’s individualism, branding and personality. As for size, the newsletter content can be short with an article or two, or it can be longer with multiple pieces providing helpful hints that tie back to your business. This form of content marketing allows linkable opportunities for you and your customers to share through social media building your business awareness further.

Benefits of Outsourcing Newsletters

To be viewed as an expert, you need to produce content but it takes skills and time to produce engaging content. Large companies may employ a marketing guru who implements newsletters as part of their marketing strategies, and while smaller sized businesses may not be in a situation to do that, they can outsource this vital role and still compete with the larger companies for the same audience.

Our Complete Newsletter Service

We offer the complete service for your newsletter marketing strategy, it’s a one-stop shop for newsletters that involves:

Set-Up and Launch

To set up and launch your newsletter includes:

  • designing (incorporating branding);
  • setting up newsletters;
  • setting up delivery of newsletters;
  • writing/redrafting (includes editing) content;
  • launching the first issue through email.

This also includes discussing a suitable name and ideas for your publication.

Maintain Ongoing Content and Publication

To maintain the publication with ongoing content includes:

  • writing/redrafting (includes editing) content;
  • publishing newsletters through email.

We take care of the whole package. All you have to do is provide the information for the content, which can be through a written draft or interview. We’ll turn your information into polished quality content.

Delivery Options

Newsletters can be delivered through an email services of your choosing or we can select an appropriate one.

We can also provide hard copies of the newsletters for your office or reception area. It’s also good way to promote yourself at conferences, trade shows and events if you can hand over a newsletter filled with valuable content for the reader that promises more quality information if they sign up.

Newsletters published after expos and trade shows can include highlights, photos and articles gathered from the events.

Costs and Time

The Set-Up and Launch phase entails a flat rate depending on the individual’s needs. Allow 2-3 months to set up and launch the first publication. This is due to discussions, obtaining the information, design, writing, editing, proofreading, setting up the delivery system, and launching the first publication.

Maintaining Ongoing Content and Publication phase is a regular fee that usually doesn’t change unless the content parameters have been altered, such as the design.

Contributing factors for fees include:

  • the content size of the newsletter;
  • one or two articles, or multiple articles;
  • article size, such as small articles (300-400 words) or longer (2,000 words);
  • the newsletter publishing requirements;
  • publication regularity, such as published quarterly, monthly, fortnightly, or weekly for short newsletters;
  • the bases of obtaining the information;
  • interviews conducted and content written from the interviews;
  • a draft or note form is provided and the information is reshaped and edited into engaging content.

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