When a company reaches a milestone, it is normal to think back over the years and marvel at how that business has grown. Perhaps in the early days the business consisted of a hobbyist working in a backyard shed, and it was the skill and determination of that sole business owner to turn it into a large corporate company.

Celebrate those important events and preserve your remarkable journey in a beautifully bound book or as a soft copy file stored on a CD. Allow your valued clients and employees to read the inspiring story that has turned a small business into what it is today.

Because each journey is unique, BES delivers a tale based on facts, researched information, images and interviews. There are no templates forcing the uniqueness of the historic journey to be forced into the confines of a program. It is written from scratch using known facts, researched information and interviews.

The commemorative story can be written in any desired style with collected and treasured pictures displayed throughout the text. It can be presented in printed form or as an electronic file. It can also be presented as a web-based document.