Complex documents contain text with an assortment of images, graphs, flowcharts, diagrams and/or tables, and the document includes multiple sections. A complex document could be a large report or a document where multiple people have contributed to it.

It can be overwhelming to have a mountain of information along with an array of diagrams, tables and so forth. Some people have everything they need, but are confused with how to merge it. Other people know precisely what they want and how it should go, but they lack the skills or time to present it in that way.

No matter how complicated a document may seem, BES is skilled and experienced at handling all the intricate details. If multiple people have contributed to the one document then it will undergo a process for unity. No matter how many people have added to a document, it should appear as if one author wrote it. This eliminates confusion for the reader. Direct quotes from different people should reflect the speaker, but the general text needs to be unified.

The final product will be a professionally formatted and polished document.

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